Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What is this al-basu? البس

بسم الله

The following is a dua when we see somebody else wearing new clothing:-

البس جديدا, وعش حميدا, ومت شهيدا

On the first round I would read like this:-
Al-basu jadidan, wa ish hamidan, wa mut shahidan..

On the 2nd round, I've checked the dictionary and there is no such thing as basun/al-basu. This word must has been something fe'el amr like the other geng ish and mut. So on the 2nd round I would read like this..
Al-bas jadidan wa ish hamidan wa mut shahidan

On the 3rd round,...I've been thinking, the alif-lam or "al" of definiteness can't be attached to a verb/فعل . So how can this be? Another visit to another dictionary I found out that the alif-lam at the beginning of the word is not the alif-lam of definiteness. It is part of the word. It is a fe'el from the word لَبِسَ - يَلْبَسُ meaning wearing. It is read as ilbas اِلْبَسْ

I'm not gonna put up the taskeel because I want to get use to read Arabic with it. Thus the correct way to read the dua is

ilbas jadidan, wa ish hamidan, wa mut shahidan
My direct translation: Wear the new clothing, and live the life of a noble life, and die as the death of a martyr

p/s: you can find this dua in the hisnul muslim 

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