Thursday, August 22, 2013

Arabic : Free from alcohol

Did you know that the term "alcohol" originally Arabic? I found out that some chemistry terms which started with "al" are from Arabic e.g  alkaline and alchemy..

Lets read the following lable..

خالي = khaalee = free
من = min = from

الكحول = alkuhuul = alcohol

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to enable Arabic at Samsung Mega 6.3

بسم الله

الحمد لله .حَصَلْتُ على الهاتفي الجديجة . إنها تتكلم عربي 
Alhamdullilah. I got my new phone...and it speaks Arabic :)

I just love when a phone support Arabic at the tip of a setting instead of hacking/rooting/firware update or what not. At Samsung Mega all you need to do is activate the Arabic keyboard at 
Menu button ( bottom left ) -> settings -> My Device -> Language and Input -> click the wheel/gear at the left of "Samsung keyboard" -> Input language and you will get to the following screen. Just select the العربية to enable arabic or donwload it if it not in the phone yet..

To switch between Arabic keyboard and English keyboard is just by hold and slide at the space bar  . See below... I leave a "cliff hanger" of a hadith... :) I will make a dedicated entry of the hadith soon .. إن شاء الله

تقبيل اليد

بسم الله

المفردات اليوم : تَقْبِيْلُ الْيَدِّ
EN: Hand-kissing
MY: Salam cium tangan

From todays al-arabiaya it seems that this practice is not well accepted in Saudi. In Malaysia this is an act of respect..almost must do thing if you are shaking hands with elderly. In some cases/places in Malaysia, if you don't do this you are seen as a rude towards the elderly

I found this fatwa from the net regarding this issue :-
يستحب تقبيل أيدي الصالحين وفضلاء العلماء ويكره تقبيل يد غيرهم ، ولا يقبل يد أمرد حسنٍ بحال .انتهى من كتاب فتاوى الإمام النووي ص 71
It is mustahabb to kiss the hands of righteous people and the greatest scholars, and it is makrooh to kiss the hand of anyone else. The hand of the beardless man should not be kissed under any circumstances,
(From Fatawa al-Imaam al-Nawawi, p. 71)

Berikut adalah terjemahan melayu dari saya:-
Dibenarkan untuk cium tangan-tangan orang-orang soleh dan ulamak-ulamak besar فُضَلاء dan makhruh cium tangan yang selainya. Tidak boleh cium tangan "orang yang tidak berjanggut" ( أَمْرَدٌ ) dalam apa hal sekali pun . 
Ini dari kitab Fatwa-fatwa Iman An-nawawi mukasurat 71 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arsenal is Arabic?

بسم الله

I just can't believe that the word Arsenal came from Arabic word. The Arabic word which it originates is  دَارُ الْصِنَاعَة / Darul Sinaa a'h which means "house of industry". I suspect it must has mean some kind of warehouse or storage of some engineering stuff.  Some info from oxford dictionary :-

  • noun

    • a collection of weapons and military equipment:Britain’s nuclear arsenal
    •  a place where weapons and military equipment are stored or made.
    •  an array of resources available for a certain purpose:we have an arsenal of computers at our disposal


    early 16th century (denoting a dock for the construction and repair of ships): from French, or from obsolete Italian arzanale, based on Arabic dār-aṣ-ṣinā‘a, from dār 'house' + al- '(of) the' + sinā‘a 'art, industry'

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lada sulah?

When my wife requested me to buy "lada sulah" I said "lada what??". Apparently not only me who is confused over the term. There are so many blogs covering this "lada sulah". It is basically the opponent of the "black pepper" is also know as "white pepper". What is more interesting is about the arabic text on the packaging. Now let's put tashkeel on it and understand it's meaning

فِلْفِلٌ أضْيَدُ الْمُنَكَّهِ
Flavored white chili   

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

اسمها قسطنا..

السلام عليكم

هذه بنتي جديدة. اسمها قسطنا

Apakah makna Qistina?  Pada hemat saya ia merupakan kalimat mudof-mudof ilaihi :) .. my favourite Arabic structure. Qist ( see below for the meaning) ialah mudof dan na ( kami ) ialah mudof ilaihi 

Ini adalah maksud Qist dari qomus

Ada juga "khabar" yang menyatakan Qistina ini nama anak jin. Dan siapa memakai nama ini senang kena gangguan jin. Sekadar pencarian saya ini adalah dusta. Berikut adalah pendapat Ustaz

Tiada sbrg dalil yg sohih berkenaan nama2 tertentu adlh nama anak JIN, lalu dikatakan jika diguna & dipanggil kpd anak kita, lalu anak kita akan ditimpa penyakit misteri. Hal ini sama sekali TIDAK BOLEH DIPERCAYAI, malah bercanggah dgn firman Allah surah al-Naml ayat 65. Malah boleh termasuk dlm men'sial'kan nama tertentu, jika itu berlaku boleh jatuh syirik, Nabi bersabda :اَلطِّيَرَةُ شِرْكٌ ، اَلطِّيَرَةُ شِرْكٌ Ertinya : Sial menyial itu syirik, sial menyial itu syirik ( Riwayat Abu Daud dan Tirmidzi). Berhati2lah..lanjut baca di link.