Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to enable Arabic at Samsung Mega 6.3

بسم الله

الحمد لله .حَصَلْتُ على الهاتفي الجديجة . إنها تتكلم عربي 
Alhamdullilah. I got my new phone...and it speaks Arabic :)

I just love when a phone support Arabic at the tip of a setting instead of hacking/rooting/firware update or what not. At Samsung Mega all you need to do is activate the Arabic keyboard at 
Menu button ( bottom left ) -> settings -> My Device -> Language and Input -> click the wheel/gear at the left of "Samsung keyboard" -> Input language and you will get to the following screen. Just select the العربية to enable arabic or donwload it if it not in the phone yet..

To switch between Arabic keyboard and English keyboard is just by hold and slide at the space bar  . See below... I leave a "cliff hanger" of a hadith... :) I will make a dedicated entry of the hadith soon .. إن شاء الله

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