Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arsenal is Arabic?

بسم الله

I just can't believe that the word Arsenal came from Arabic word. The Arabic word which it originates is  دَارُ الْصِنَاعَة / Darul Sinaa a'h which means "house of industry". I suspect it must has mean some kind of warehouse or storage of some engineering stuff.  Some info from oxford dictionary :-

  • noun

    • a collection of weapons and military equipment:Britain’s nuclear arsenal
    •  a place where weapons and military equipment are stored or made.
    •  an array of resources available for a certain purpose:we have an arsenal of computers at our disposal


    early 16th century (denoting a dock for the construction and repair of ships): from French, or from obsolete Italian arzanale, based on Arabic dār-aṣ-ṣinā‘a, from dār 'house' + al- '(of) the' + sinā‘a 'art, industry'

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