Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Did you know most language has the sound of "nanas" for pineapple except for some. The original name of the fruit, comes from the Tupi word "nanas" meaning "excellent fruit". Tupi is a language use is some part of Brazil and neighboring country

Scientific Name = Ananas comosus.

Here are some vocabs for pineapple from different languages :)

Malay = Nenas
Indonesia/Java = Nanas
Minangkabau = Noneh

Arabic = أَنَانَاس
Persian = Ananas
Turkish = Ananas
French = Ananas
Sweeden = Ananas
Hindi = Anaanas
Tamil = Annaci

English = Pineapple
Korean and Japanese = pineappul

Tagalog = Pinoy

Mandrin and cantonese= buu low

الله أعلم

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