Friday, June 12, 2015

من أين الكلمة "أيوه"؟

قال شيخنا الدكتور ف. عبد الرحيم حفظه الله الكلمة "أيوه" من مركب "إي وربي" أو "إي والله". ولكنها بغير لفظ الجلالة. انظر الآتية
Dr V. Abdul Raheem ( May Allah safe-keep him ) said that "Aiwa" is from the compound of "E wa Rabbi" or "E wallahi" but without the "Allah" word. See the following

ما معنى "إي" ؟
What is the meaning of "إي" ?
إي : is the particle of answer with the meaning of Yes
It's is located in front of Al-Qasam ( the particle of oath/swear ) . For example see surah Yunus verse 53

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