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ما معنى "Azlan" أو أزلان

بسم الله الرحمة الرحيم. الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله: أما بعد
In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful. ِAlhamdullillah and prayer and salaam to the messenger of Allah

بارك لله لي ولكم في أسمائنا وأسماء أولادنا
   May Allah bless me and all of you in our names and our children names 

Right now I'm into muslim names etymology because soon I'm going to get another baby إن شاء الله

I'm seeing some sites wrote Azlan in Arabic like this "أَزْلَان" . I tried to find the meaning of this in Arabic but non-available . From my research I found out "Azlan" is Turkish origin . The correct spelling of this is "Aslan". And "Aslan" in Turkish means Lion. The sound of "Aslan" close to "Asad" which means Lion in Arabic :)

So the sound of "Aslan" could be written in Arabic as "أَسْلَان". But the a more common spelling for "Aslan" is "أَصْلَان". Now we can establish our case because now the word أصلان has meaning in Arabic. According to 

أصلان is the dual of أصل ( the literal meaning is dual origin) and it is a hometown or birthplace, an "nasab" (lineage) and honor . This name of أصلان is Arabic origin. This is a masculine name

Another entry from
أصلان same meaning with أرسلان . This name of أصلان is Ajnabi ( non-Arabic ) origin. This is a masculine name

OK. now lets check what is the meaning of أرسلان

أَرْسَلَان is a masculine Turkish proper noun. The meaning of it is the lion . It is a compond of أرس ( the son of spouse ) and لُنْك ( is a Chinese word with the meaning of a snake or a dragon ). The Moguls used it after the change of pronunciation and meaning. They use it with the meaning of : The lion, The brave. In Arabic the pronunciation is أسْلان  and أصلان

So would you decline this name in Arabic sentences?
1. If you take the Arabic route. This name is the form of dual noun. So the declension of it is:-

ِجَاءَ أَصْلَان 
رَأيْتُ أَصْلَيْنِ
الكتاب لِأصْلَيْنِ

2. If you take the Ajnabi route this name is diptote just other diptote foreign name:-

جَاءَ أصْالَانُ
رَأيْتُ أصْلَانَ
الكتاب لِأصْلَانَ

This is my understanding base on my research and my limited knowledge. Allah knows best. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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