Monday, May 27, 2013

مَشَلُ اليوم

 بسم الله

I love this Arabic proverb. I think the meaning is " Don't force me to do things that I can't do" . But please correct me if I'm wrong on the meaning and i'rab. Anybody know the author of this beautiful piece ?

حبري أسود فلا تطلبوا مني أن أرسم قوس قزح

حَبْرِيٌّ أَسْوَدُ  = Black Ink
فَلَا تَطْلُبُوْا = so don't request me
أنْ أَرْسُمُ  = to draw
قَوْسٌ قَزْحٌ = arch of rainbow

الله أعلم

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